Voices4Hillaryhas been chasing down people who knew Hillary and Bill back in the day. This reminisence is by Deborah Sale, of NYC and Piggott, AK

Simpler Times

By Deborah Sale

For many years, Governor Clinton came to Piggott to lead the 4th of July Parade. My Dad would pick him up at the airport, my Mother would cook breakfast for us all and then we'd all go to the Parade. When the Parade was over, he and the other politicians would speak to the crowd at the annual picnic. This was political life in Arkansas.

4th of July in Piggott, AK with Governor Clinton

My father, Jerry Sale, is no longer alive, but he was a strong Democrat and close to Bill throughout his Arkansas political career.

Bill Clinton & Jerry Sale

I met Hillary the year she was graduating from college. We were invited to a student leadership conference sponsored by the League of Women Voters in Colorado Springs in 1970. I next saw her when she and Bill had just started dating when they were at Yale.

My thought at the time was "Perfect!" I could see their love and admiration for each other. And I knew the values they shared toward public service--the motivation each had to improve the lives of others. This shared work is the inspiration behind Hillary's campaign for the Presidency.


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