New York needs Hochul. Vote!!! Get out the Vote!Don’t let NYS become like Florida.

Dear New Yorkers and anyone who knows anyone in New York,

As you probably know, we have critical Congressional races in New York, close to home, in Long Island, the Hudson Valley and upstate...and a really important Governor's race!
What is so scary? That there is a possibility that we won't have a Democratic Governor in 2023. If the Election Denying Republican is elected 😱, he will plague us for the next four years.

If elected 😱, he will:

  • End state funding for abortion providers and try to remove state protections for women.
  • Defund mass transit
  • Cut public education funds• Appoint judges whose opinions and decisions reflect his and Trump's biases
  • Weaken environmental protections
  • Stand with the extremists he has embraced and who have campaigned with him. – Trump, De Santis and Youngkin.
  • Use his position in our state to undermine Democracy.

Standing together, he and DeSantis promised they would make New York like Florida.

Kathy Hochul needs a huge turnout in New York City and in New York State to carry the State.

Every single Democrat in New York MUST VOTE!

Make that happen!
  • Post this on your page and in your groups.
  • Pick 5 friends from your contact list and send them this as an email
  • Ask them to send that email to 5 of their friends
  • Tell everyone that our democracy is on the line this election 😳•

We need full participation whether you're voting by mail, early or on election day.

VOTE HOCHUL/DELGADO and every Democrat on your ballot. VOTE! GET OUT The VOTE!

As the President, Obama and Hillary have said - Democracy Is On The Ballot!

Love and kisses,


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