The fight for Democracy continues in Wisconsin. The elections are on February 21.

We can't ignore Wisconsin anymore: Phone bank to save democracy and abortion rights.

As Joan McCarter wrote recently, the 2024 election starts now in Wisconsin. Two races on the ballot there this year (state Supreme Court and state Senate) can determine the future of democracy and abortion rights nationwide.

So why are these elections so important, and why should you spend your time making calls—even if you don't live in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, with its 4-3 conservative majority, has already worked tosuppress the vote, ban ballot drop boxes, and will soon determine if the state rockets back to 1849 and bans abortion. One of the seats held by a conservative is up for election this year, and if we win then we will flip the court to a 4-3 progressive majority.

But that's not all. Due to outrageous gerrymandering, Wisconsin Republicans have grabbed a supermajority in the state Senate. That means they could impeach and remove any official in the state, including Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. But because of an open seat, we can erase that supermajority by electing Democrat Jodi Habush Sinykin in an upcoming special election.

The primary is on Feb. 21, and the general election is on April 4. But many Wisconsin voters don't know they need to go vote: We must ensure a healthy Democratic voter turnout in order to win these very under-the-radar, but surprisingly crucial elections.

Click to sign up for a volunteer Get Out the Vote phone banking shift with Wisconsin Democrats, no matter where you live.

Can't volunteer? Chip in $5 today to help flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court and stop the Republican super-majority in the state legislature.

Source. Daily Kos.

Annette Niemtzow

February 11, 2023

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