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This Petition asks Vice President Biden to go to the Electoral College -- to ask its members to request and perform due diligence on Trump's tax returns for potential conflicts of interest, before they cast their vote for President.

Created by A.W. on November 12, 2016

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Needs 99,999 signatures by December 12, 2016 to get a response from the White House

We request that the Vice President, as President of the Senate and presiding officer during the Joint Session of Congress, January 6, 2017, require or refer to appropriate governmental entities and direct that they require, on behalf of State Electors, that Mr. Trump provide to Electors his federal income tax returns and supporting documents for 2006-2015 by December 12, 2016, to enable Electors, before they vote, to 1) assess his qualifications to serve as President without impeachable conflicts of interest or the appearance of impropriety given his adult children's continuing association with his companies and Transition and his failure to release tax returns; or 2) switch their vote unless he places his assets in a true blind trust or otherwise properly divests them by December 19, 2016


November 14,2016

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