Why I am Voting for Hillary Clinton by Carol Ardman

The other day I talked with a woman who had spent the afternoon with a group of about twenty "very liberal" Democrats from the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Among them, I was told, were people in an interracial marriage, people who had immigrated to the US, gays, etc.

And who were the majority of these "very liberal Democrats" voting for? My companion shook her head in disbelief as she told me. And it was unbelievable. "They're voting for Donald Trump." Why, when this man's politics are not theirs, when they disagree with almost everything he stands for and says? The answer, incredibly: because they are "sick" of Hillary Clinton, "can't stand her any more" and want "change."

Well, I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, because I too want change –- not impulsive, bullying, idiotic and inarticulately described, anti-democracy change for its own sake. No. She wants constructive, incremental improvements that can help heal and better us and our democracy. Unlike her opponent, Hillary Clinton doesn't want to blast our institutions to smithereens without regard for consequences; she respects and wants to build on institutions that, while imperfect, have value.

Along the way during this long campaign, some of the changes Donald Trump has advocated include closing down parts of the Internet, closing mosques, punishing women who get abortions, cutting the department of education "way, way down, " not honoring the Paris climate change agreement painstakingly created by nearly two hundred nations, and limiting press freedom by suing journalists. And those are just a few changes Trump has promised.

In general I doubt those "very liberal Democrats" I heard about the other day and other Democrats who have decided to vote for Trump because they are "sick and tired" actually want those destructive, nasty changes Donald Trump has said he will make. And I really doubt they actually believe he really means he can or will do those awful things he has threatened. One reason they have bought the "crooked Hillary" narrative Trump has trumpeted, isthey are tired of her. They're bored. They feel they've heard everything she's had to say a thousand times. And that's true -- they have heard what she has to say again and again, because she's been working in the service of others since college and talking about it since then.

For years and years Hillary Clinton has been making speeches about her work, presenting it, even haranguing us about it, trying to get the public to understand and support her efforts. Listening to her isn't as energizing or exciting as it is when adrenaline spurts after we hear one of those despicable, non-pc blustery nuggets Trump delivers whenever he can, intending to drive listeners wild. Listening to Hillary Clinton can be very boring.

But change based on violence, on religious and other intolerances, on limiting education and press freedom, on adrenaline-pumping bluster? I'd rather sit there and let my eyes roll back in my head as I listen to Hillary wonkily lecture in her entitled and often irritating way, describe in mind-numbing detail how she will incrementally build on what's already in place, and then, on occasion, stick her neck out to do something great that doesn't involve throwing in the toilet what already exists because of long and hard work.

Yes, I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because I want change. And one of the changes I want is having a woman as president of the United States. But that's not the only reason I'm with her, heart and soul. I will vote for Hillary to oppose Trump's stupid, destructive plans. She's a thousand times the more qualified candidate, and she's predictable and steady, thoughthose "very liberal Democrats" who have decided to vote for her opponent apparently don't understand that constancy is a requirement for the leader of our country.

Without a doubt, constancy is required to maintain democracy. I will vote for Hillary because she's sane, her democratic convictions are imperishable, and because she has earned my vote with a lifetime of experience and consistent service. I will vote for her because I believe she will try with all her impressive might her to make changes that are positive and that she will work to preserve the precious democracy that has made us the luckiest citizens of the world.


September 2016

Addendum. Thinking of voting Trump or Third Party. Ready to throw out gay rights, women's rights, SCOTUS rulings? Listen to Barney Frank on this.

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