We’re Tracking Ways Trump Is Undermining Obamacare. Here Are 12.

The Trump administration continues to take action that could weaken the Affordable Care Act and curtail enrollment in coverage under the law. So far, it has:

1 Said it would end subsidies to health insurance companies that help low-income customers pay out-of - pocket medical costs. Announced on October 12.

2 Opened the door for sales of less expensive plans with fewer benefits and fewer protections for consumers. Signed executive order on Oct. 12.

3 Decided not to send health department officials to local open enrollment events in states. First reported on Sept. 27.

4 Decided to shut down the Affordable Care Act website for 12 hours nearly every Sunday during open enrollment. First reported in September.

5 Said it would cut by 40 percent funding to groups that help people enroll. Announced on Aug. 31.

6 Said it would slash spending on advertising and promotion for enrollment to $10 million from $100 million. Announced on Aug. 31.

7 Made videos criticizing the health lawand posted them on YouTube. In June and July.

Screenshots from the 23 anti-Obamacare videos on the health department's YouTube page

8 Posted infographics criticizing the health law on Twitter. Mostly in late June and mid-July.

Anti-Obamacare infographics tweeted by Tom Price, former health secretary

9 Made tax credits for premiums less generous. Finalized in April.

10 Used news releases to spread negative information about the law. As early as February.

11 Weakened enforcement of the individual mandate. Reported in February.

12Removed useful guidance for consumers about the law from its website. As early as Jan. 20.

By HAEYOUN PARK OCT. 12, 2017, NY Times.
October 12, 2017
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