Watch the roll call at the DNC. Meet America.

Last night, August 18, 2020, the 2nd night of the Democratic National Convention. “The message was unmistakable: These are normal, decent, loving and kind people. We could use that about now.The highlights: The roll call, Sally Yates, Jacquelyn Brittany, Ady Barkan, the McCain film and Jill Biden.“ (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post).

I posted Jill Biden’s full talk, earlier in the day.

Here is the full Delegate Roll Call at the Democratic National Convention.

57 States and Territories. Meet the Democrats! Meet Diversity! Meet America!

WATCH: Full Democratic roll call from Delegates across America | 2020 DNC Night

Joe Biden is our nominee. Joe Biden is our next President #BidenHarris2020

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