Watch Georgia Senate candidate  Jon Ossoff destroy Republican David Perdue over health care failures. This is how it’s done, folks!

President Trump and the Senate Republicans running for reelection do not care about the health of Americans.

This isn't really as incendiary of a statement as it seems. They've dismissed the severity of Covid-19 even as it has killed over 225,000 Americans, and effectively — if not explicitly — endorsed ignorance of the public health guidelines proven to save lives. Meanwhile, they're trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan in place, which would leave the tens of millions of Americans without coverage. This is just the basic, blanket rap sheet. Any given GOP senator has probably done plenty more to make it exceedingly difficult for their constituents to get covered.

It shouldn't take Cicero to relate to the American people what's going on here. Democratic politicians tend to struggle with things like this, though. If you happen to be one of them, please, please , watch this video of Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff laying waste to Republican incumbent David Perdue during a debate Wednesday night. After you've watched it, study it. Maybe memorize a few lines from it. This is how it's done.

It's not just that you're a crook, Senator," Ossoff said after noting the federal investigations into Perdue's alleged insider trading. "It's that you're attacking the health of the people that you represent. You did say Covid-19 was no deadlier than the flu. You did say there would be no significant uptick in cases. All the while, you were looking after your own assets and your own portfolio. You did vote four times to end protections for preexisting conditions. Four times. The legislation that you tout, the Protect Act, includes loopholes that specifically allow insurance companies to deny policies to Georgias with preexisting conditions. Can you look down the camera and tell the people of this state why you voted four times to allow insurance companies to deny us health coverage because we may suffer from diabetes or heart disease or asthma or have cancer in remission. Why, Senator?"


Ossoff is currently leading the Republican incumbent in the polls, but not by much. A Monmouth University survey conducted between October 23rd-27th has the 33-year-old Democrat up on Perdue by a single percentage point.

Ryan Bort, RollingStone, October 29, 2020


For the heck of it, hear is another part of the Ossoff-Perdue debate too, in which Ossoff pulverized Perdue for his anti-Semitism and Racism. Here is the CNN further account of the Debate. The first issue was Perdue’s anti-Semitism.

“You've continued to demean yourself throughout this campaign with your conduct. First, you were lengthening my nose in attack ads to remind everybody that I'm Jewish. Then when that didn't work, you started calling me some kind of Islamic terrorist. And then when that didn't work, you started calling me a Chinese communist," [Ossoff] said.

In July, Perdue's campaign took down a Facebook ad that appeared to make Ossoff's nose bigger, following accusations of anti-Semitism. A Perdue campaign spokeswoman said it was an "unintentional error" caused by an "outside vendor," and that Perdue has a "strong and consistent record of standing firmly against anti-Semitism."

During Wednesday's debate, Perdue also said he meant no disrespect to Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris when he repeatedly mispronounced her first name at Trump's rally in Macon earlier this month. Harris' press secretary had condemned Perdue's remark as "incredibly racist."

“Well I absolutely meant no disrespect, I've said that publicly to Sen. Harris," Perdue said. "What I was talking about, and what I'm trying to do, is educate the people in Georgia about what's trying to be perpetrated here, and that is this radical socialist agenda that Jon Ossoff will clearly just be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as they perpetrate this outrageous agenda on our country."


October 30, 2020

Voices4America Post Script. Jon Ossoff told it like it is at the GA Debate. Perdue -a crook who lied to Georgia about Covid-19 while trading his own stocks - is also an anti-Semite and a Racist. Now Perdue chickens out of the last debate. Watch @Ossoff #Vote #Support #BlueGA

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