Video. Today, the President on Russia and Ukraine.

Putin, a man with a plan and a dream of putting Imperial Russia back on the map, found Trump to help -

Trump who hired Manafort to head his campaign, the same Manafort who led the proRussian president to power in Ukraine, until the people of the Ukraine brought Zelenskyy to the Presidency and began their march to Democracy….

Trump who tried to weaken NATO to thank Putin for his help in 2016 election, and to assure Putin’s help for him going forward.

Putin, a man who never suspected how strong, moral and wise Joe Biden would be -

President Biden delivers an update on Ukraine and Russia — 2/22/


February 22, 2022

Voices4America Post Script. President Biden, who has brought together NATO leaders to resist Putin, once again is solid and prudent, seeking to stop war and an evil man. #IloveJoeBiden

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