Video- Thunberg at the UN, “We will never forgive you.”

[At the United Nations today in New York City ], Greta Thunberg told world leaders that her generation would never forgive them if they failed to combat climate change.Some 60 world leaders were taking part in the one-day meeting organised by the United Nations.But the famous teenage climate activist admonished those assembled for their lack of action."These numbers are too uncomfortable, and you are still not mature enough to tell it like it is," she said.

Watch Greta Thunberg’s Impassioned Speech: ‘Change Is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not’ | NBC News

Source, BBC and NBC. September 23, 2019.


September 23, 2019

Voices4America Post Script. Will the world listened to Greta? America has refused to listened to the Parkland kids. This is so sad. #SaveTheChildren #SaveThePlanet

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