Video and Twitter. Today and yesterday. Trump violence at CNN reporter.

Yesterday, following his reluctant statement against the Nazis and white supremacists whose violence killed 3 people and injured dozens in Charlottesville, Donald Trump refused questions from CNN's Jim Acosta, saying "I like real news. You are fake news."

Then he angrily left the room. See the video of this exchange between an out of control Trump and the reporter.

Apparently Trump is still seething. Today, he retweeted this image of a train hitting a CNN reporter. What can we say, this, just days after the violence in Charlottesville. The source of the Tweet Is an account that promoted racism from David Duke, of the KKK.

Trump must be removed from office. He is not fit to guide the nation. He is unfit to control our nuclear codes. Call your elected officials. #ImpeachTrumpNow


August 15, 2017

Addendum. You may remember that, on August 2nd, one of Trump's in-house Nazis, creepy Stephen Miller, attacked Acosta and the America tradition of welcoming immigrants as stated by Emma Lazarus's poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty ("Give me your tired, your poor").

Miller's attack was recognized as a wink to The Alt-Right, who dismiss this inspiring poem as from a "Jewess."

It seems that Trump Is now willing to go further than Miller nastiness- suggesting it is appropriate to kill a reporter whose coverage he dislikes.


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