Trump warns that Clinton will Rig Debate. Andy Borowitz.

TOLEDO (The Borowitz Report)—At a campaign rally on Friday, Donald Trump warned that Hillary Clinton is scheming to "rig the debate by using facts" in their first televised face-off, on Monday.

"You just watch, folks," Trump told supporters in Toledo, Ohio. "Crooked Hillary is going to slip in little facts all night long, and that's how she's going to try to rig the thing."

"It's a disgrace," he added.

The billionaire drew a sharp contrast between himself and the former Secretary of State by claiming that his debate prep "involved no facts whatsoever."

"I am taking a pledge not to use facts at the debate," he said, raising his right hand. "I challenge Crooked Hillary to take that pledge.

He also warned that unless CNN, which is hosting the debate, promises to forbid the use of facts, he might pull out of Monday's contest. "I'm only going to debate if I'm treated fairly, and facts don't treat me fairly," he said.

At CNN, a spokesperson assured Trump that the network would do everything in its power to keep the debate "as free of facts as possible."

"We have a well-established practice at CNN," the spokesperson said. "If the candidates start straying into facts, data, or other verifiable information, we have instructed the moderators to cut them off."


September 23, 2016

reprinted from The New Yorker.

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