Trump Is A Golem. They Are Too.

One time I worked on a committee for a volunteer organization. It was really a worthy cause. Money started going missing. I figured out it was one of the other volunteers but she was the sort of person who was forgetful and scattered. I tried to handle the situation and quietly put into place a procedure that would insure that mistakes didn't get made around the checkbook anymore.

So you know where this is going. She finally got caught taking money out of the till, screamed about it and called me a liar. A despicable liar. Not to put too fine a point on it: A fucking despicable liar.

Everyone was up in arms. I was as calm as I'd ever been. This wasn't a dispute, because I was in complete control of the facts. I knew what had happened. I had the bank statements.

And I felt very strongly that I needed to protect the organization, and protect her. Which I did. I protected everybody, I cleaned it all up, and within six months I was kicked out.

What's going on now with the election is—well, you can't begin to call it "petty politics" because it is so clearly Writ Large. Republican players have repeatedly, in the last twenty years, used the apparatus of power for political purposes.
Everyone now shrugs at the legacy of Bush v. Gore, but the fact of the matter is, the Supreme Court broke the law by moving in and calling the 2000 election without allowing the state of Florida to finish its count.

That wasn't the half of it. Years later, Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, made public statements about instituting a policy of obstructionism as a way of bringing down the duly elected President of the United States. Congress voted more than 40 times to overturn a health care law which had been legally passed. It also instated a Benghazi witch hunt against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars, not because they thought there was wrongdoing, but only to hurt her poll numbers. This year the Republican Senate has decided they don't have to hold confirmation hearings on a deeply respected nominee to the Supreme Court. Now some of them are implying that if the Democrats again win the White House they NEVER have to hold confirmation hearings on ANY nominee.

And now we find out that the FBI is in on all of this. There was never anything there, with those emails, but our Hillary is ahead in the polls, so you got to bring that non issue up again. Meanwhile, as it turns out, there's reams of evidence that Mr. Trump's campaign is in cahoots with the Russians—evidence that everyone in the congress, apparently KNOWS ABOUT even if the American people do not—and the FBI in all its wisdom has buried that stuff, because "it might influence the election" if it came out.

This thing is rigged all right, and Trump knows it and that's why he keeps pointing the figure at everyone else. When you're a complete liar, apparently the thing to do is point your finger at someone else and scream that the liar is over there.

Trump is a golem, and by that I don't mean a freaked out little weirdo from the Lord of the Rings, but a big scary monster made out of mud that leaps out of jewish mythology specifically to take care of everybody's enemies. Trump is the Republican golem; they made him out of their own worst impulses and now he is our golem, too. Good people from both parties are starting—just STARTING—to recognize this. The election will stop but all of this will keep going. And we have more than one golem on our hands.

And I can't find any reliable source anywhere that tells you how to get rid of them! No one knows how.

So it is a good thing, if you ask me, that we have Hillary. Because if anyone can figure this out, it would be her.


November 5, 2016

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