Colbert and the New York Times agree. Trump does nothing to help the children.  Watch and read.

Folllowing Trump's farcial and evil "executive order' signing yesterday, June 20, 2018, The New York TImes Best of Late Night coverage reported from 3 major shows under the title

Kimmel Says Trump Shouldn't Get Credit for Putting Out His Own Fires

Here is what the Times wrote-

...Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order seeking to end the policy of separating migrant children from their parents. But the move does nothing to address the thousands of children who have already been torn from their parents in recent days.

And, as both Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, Trump is only reversing a policy that he enacted — not making any new progress.

"Trump made it a big signing ceremony to make it look like he did something good, instead of admitting he was just ending the evil thing he started. That's like wanting credit for solving the crimes you committed. It's all on the new CBS drama, 'Murder, She Murdered.'" — STEPHEN COLBERT
"Yes, thank you, Mr. President, for lighting the house on fire and now taking credit for putting the fire out." — JIMMY KIMMEL

Trevor Noah reacted with disgust to an Associated Press report that toddlers and babies were being held at what the government is calling "tender age" shelters.

"Sweet lord — 'tender age shelter'? That's a hell of a fancy way to pronounce 'baby jail.' That's a real euphemism. It's like calling a cross burning a 'meatless barbecue.'" — TREVOR NOAH

Here is Colbert's truthful monologue on Trump's madness. This is a must watch.

The New York Times front page agreed with their television critic. Here is their morning headline.

Trump Retreats After Border Policy Outcry

Order Does Nothing to Address Plight of 2,300 Children

Nothing has changed for the incarcerated children.

This morning, we continue our fight to stop Trump and to reunite them with their parents and to protect immigrant families seeking asylum.

Though we currently live in Trump's America, we will stop him - and his Republican enablers too.

Welcome, huddle masses yearning to breathe free.

You are America.

We are America.

#SavetheChildrenNow #Midterms2018 in November.


June 21, 2018

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