"Trump Bros"- Who Are These Guys?

Recently, the New York Times began a dialogue on Trump's vetting process, or lack of same, for key personnel of his campaign.

Maybe the GOP candidate prefers such shoddy folks, since bad hires lead to a chance to say, "You"re fired!" Whatever.

Here are 4 of his top campaign choices. May he never have a chance to choose a Presidential cabinet or SCOTUS Nominees.

Detailed Read. $12.7 million to Manafort on secret Ukrainian files. Here.

Detailed read - Trump campaign CEO once charged in domestic violence case. Here.

Detailed Read. Trump's "Best Hires" include Man Christie fired over Bridge Crimes. Here.

Detailed Read. Arrest record of Trump campaign manager Lewandowski.Here.

Did you notice the non Trumpfamily inner circle has been all white and male for how many months?


August 28, 2016

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