Trump booed again.

Booed by 60,000 in attendance at the sixth games of the World Series, Trump seems to have set a strategy - go to Madison Square Garden for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

This is what happened last night. While there were some cheers, Trump was booed mercilessly.

Trump gets avalanche of boos at UFC fight in Madison Square Garden

This is what happens when the audience isn't a heavily curated MAGA rally.This is what real Americans think of you.


Joyce Carole Oates at her Churchillian best (thank you, Catherine Mullally)

"We shall boo in the arenas, & we shall boo in the stadiums, we shall boo on the fields, in the hills & on the beaches & the high seas, we shall boo in the mountains & on the plains, from sea to shining sea we will never surrender our First Amendment right to boo the demagogue.



November 2, 2019

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