These 7 Republicans voted against back pay for furloughed workers.

On Thursday, January l0th, the Senate unanimously voted to provide back pay to unpaid and furloughed workers whenever the Trump shutdown ended (and to provide similar assurances to workers in any future government closures.)

On Friday, January 11th, the day that 800,000 federal workers, many of whom were forced to work without pay, missed their first paycheck, the House voted.

Of the 425 members of the House, 411 voted yes, pay the workers.

7 members of the House, all of them Republicans, voted no. (16 House members chose not to vote).

These are the 7 Dark Gods of the House of Representatives. Learn their names.

1. Justin A. Amash, attorney and Republican member of Congress for Michigan's 3rd congressional district since January 2011 - Amash is an extreme libertarian, described both as right of Ron Paul (Rand's Dad, remember him). Also known as "Dr. No."

2. Andy Biggs is the current Republican U.S. Representative for Arizona's 5th District, a member of the so-called Freedom Caucus of extreme Republicans.

3. Paul Gosar has been the current Republican U.S. Reprentative for Arizona's 4th District since 2010. Before then, in 2009, he had run in a congressional primary in AZ CD1, where he received endorsements from Sarah Palin and 3 Arizona county sheriffs including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio - only the best endorsements. In September 2018, six of Gosar's nine siblings released a political campaign ad against their brother and supporting his Democratic opponent.

4. Glenn Grothman has represented Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District since 2015. He is closely aligned with former Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, the two term Republican who was defeated by Democrat Tony Evers in 2018.

5. Thomas Massie has been the United States Representative for Kentucky's 4th congressional district since 2012. He is a member of the Liberty Caucus, founded by (sic) Representative Amash.

6. Chip Roy is a new Republican member of Congress, representing Texas' 21st Congressional District since January 2019. But Roy is not new to Republican political circles. He was the ghostwriter of Texas Governor Rick Perry's 2010 Fed Up! and worked for Perry's 2012 presidential campaign. Perry is now United States Secretary of Energy, a member of Trump's cabinet. When Perry lost to Trump in 2016, Roy became chief of staff to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

7. Ted Yoho is Republican United States Representative for Florida's 3rd congressional district since 2013. This is his district.

So that is it. You now have the names.

Learn them. Spread the news of their deed.

What happens after this is now up to you!

Kick the Dark Gods out of office!

We need elected officials with ❤️ In their chests

#TrumpShutdown #ElectionMatters

January 29, 2019

Post Script. I thought you might just also want to know what Representatives didn't vote at all.

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