The Sounds of Violence.

We woke up on the west coast this morning. The sounds of violence in America - this time against Jews in Pennsylvania -again echoed in our ears. The New York Times reports at least 10 people have been killed.

In these murders, I heard the sounds of Charleston, Orlando, Parkland; the MAGA bomber of earlier this week; Trump rallies with cheers for lies and hatred, chants of "Lock her up" by crowds mocking and laughing at disabled people, the press, and anyone the monster Trump targets.

I heard the the sounds of violence against women, in homes, offices, on streets, and in our military, legitimized by Trump's brutal voice on tape, and by his and the GOP campaign for Kavanaugh.

I heard the sounds of racial violence embedded in a history of slavery, exploitation and lynching, perpetrated by an insufficient Constitution and enhanced by Trump and his fellow "nationalists" and racists in Charlottesville and elsewhere.

I heard the sounds created by the violence against aspiring and desperate immigrants and their families on our border, defined by putting children in cages; and the violence against Transgender and LGBTQ people, amplified by an Administration committed to erasing some as well as limiting the rights of others.

Have I omitted anything?

Where do threatens to healthcare, or to the Social Security safety net, and limits to opportunities, exploitation of the poor, and damage to the environment fall on the scale as I measure American violence?

This morning I am drowning in cacophonous and ugly American sounds.

What can we do? What sounds can we make to replace these?

Americans, please stop this.

Our vote has to be our voice.

Vote against the violence and rage that the illegitimate demagogue Trump incites.

Our vote is what we have.

Vote against his cruel and Republican collaborators and enablers.

This is on Trump. This is on the GOP.

Early vote if your state allows it.

Vote Tuesday November 6 if that is what you are allowed.

Until then, do all you can.

Volunteer for candidates, for the polling places. Donate as you can. Make calls. Post and share information and reminders to vote on social media.

This is the most important election of our lifetime.

Within minutes of hearing the news about Pittsburgh, I called a friend whose daughter works at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Yes, her daughter and the daughter's husband are safe - "safe but terrified." Her synagogue was not the one attacked.

"What are we leaving our children?" she said.

Until November 6th, the answer is a legacy of violence and hatred.

Are we better than this? That is not clear.

At times we are and have been.

Focus and work on the election.

It is our only hope, for, at least, the next 10 days.

Then we will know more.

On November 7th, I want to hear America singing.


October 27, 2018

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