The most scathing editorial about an American in the White House you may ever read.

Republicans used to care a whole lot about how a president comported himself, and whether he acted at all times with the dignity his station demands.

"Is President Obama Disrespecting the Oval Office?" Fox News asked in 2010, with a link to images of Mr. Obama and his aides tossing a football, or eating apples just inches from the Resolute desk.

"Wear a suit coat and tie," said Andrew Card Jr., President George W. Bush's former chief of staff, in reaction to pictures of Mr. Obama in shirtsleeves in 2009.

"I do expect him to send the message that people who are going to be in the Oval Office should treat the office with the respect that it has earned over history," Mr. Card said.

But hey, that was then! In 2017, there's a whole new bar for tolerable conduct by the commander in chief. Our original guide cataloged several dozen examples. Almost five months later, it's clear that an update is necessary. This expanded list is meant to ensure that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other congressional Republicans never forget what they now condone in a president.

So, if you are the president, you may:


Addendum. After you read and recover from the shock that the Times Editorial Board wrote this, be sure to share it. Everyone needs to see how unfit Trump is.

This is an editorial from The New York Times, October 8, 2017.

If you would like to read an interactive version of this scathing editorial, click here, under the polite name the Times Board used: The Republican's Guide to Presidential Etiquette


October 9, 2017

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