The Most Powerful Conservative Couple You’ve Never Heard Of

Did you read the article below about a right-wing couple that spends millions of dollars in support of Trump and other extremist candidates and issues? The source of their wealth is a packing company named ULine. I recently wrote this letter to one of their customers, who shipped me cocktail napkins in a ULine box, with ULine shipping buffers. I am omitting the napkin company's name, awaiting their reply. Dear xxx, I am writing because I am a user and fan of xx products. Most recently, I ordered cocktail napkins via your website. To my surprise, I saw that your packaging was arranged by a company called Uline. Here is an article about the family that owns that company and the political activities in which they engage. I urge you to rethink using Uline as suppliers. I, for one, will not be able to continue using my much loved xxi products if you continue with Uline. |I urge you to look at the packages you receive and if you see ULine packaging, you may want to write to your vendors too.
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