The former guy thinks he can run foreign policy. That’s against the Law.

Trump posted this boast yesterday, that his “Envoy-Ambasador" had taken action in the Kosovo-Serbian border. Former Presidents don't have “Envoy-Ambassadors," nor do they interfere or claim the right to make American foreign policy.

Vivian Salama of the Wall Street Journal posted this, but tried to downplay what happened. The answer to her trivializing Trump's violation follows too.

The Logan Act makes clear what is legal and illegal with regard to foreign policy.
Passed in 1979, the Logan Act criminalizes unauthorized American citizens from interfering with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. The Act prevents unauthorized persons from undermining the government's position.

Here is the text of the Logan Act.

Will someone please charge Trump!



November 12, 2021

Annette Niemtzow

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