​TEXT OUT THE VOTE. Hillary's New Secret Weapon.  Want to Help?

A new Clinton Campaign Texting initiative --Text Out the Vote - which has volunteers texting messages to reach voters who are hard to contact via other channels is having great success.

One to one conversation is a highly effective method of getting voters to take action, and Texts are the cutting edge form of one to one.

Younger voters, in general, no longer use email, and they don't have land lines.Through Texts, the Campaign can get in touch with them. These voters often seem inaccessible, often on the move, but they always have their phones on them.

Sometimes, a voter receiving a Text can be encouraged to go right to a polling place to vote (in the 33 early voting states.) The Campaign can confirm the address.

Or a voter can be asked to make a specific plan to vote, which can be sent back to the voter on Election Day. The Text they receive on November 8th jogs their memory and makes it more likely they will vote.

Therefore, in 2016, we can say with certainty Texting joins the usual suspects to help elect a President.

  1. Talk to Voters.
  2. Knock on Doors.
  3. Call, from Home or in Field Offices.
  4. Text.

From the Hillary Clinton Manhattan Field Office Annex at 50 Broadway, the Campaign will be reaching voters in key battleground states to make sure they have all the information they need about voting.

If you are in New York City or or anywhere in the Tri-state area, sign up for a shift this week. Come on down and use Campaign cell phones pre-loaded with voter cell numbers.

Or do the same thing in DC, LA or SF.

Check out this television video of the Text Out the Vote folks in San Francisco. They are having fun and making a difference.

You can do it too.

Here's the contact information if you want to volunteer to TEXT OUT THE VOTE in LA, NYC,SF, & NYC.

We will win this thing.

Hillary2016. Vote Hillary. Vote Blue.


November 1, 2016

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