Susan Sarandon Is Still Out There Sarandoning by Dan Savage.

While everyone is piling on the New York Times—and rightly so—for normalizing Nazis over the weekend, The Guardian dedicated a pile of pixels to normalizing unaccountable privilege:

Liberals in the US, it seems, can summon more hatred for Sarandon right now than they can for Paul Ryan. Most infuriating of all, to her critics, is that she won't admit her error. Sarandon's very physiognomy suggests defiance; she looks indignant even at rest... Still, I think while there was vast political error on both sides, the inability of Sarandon and her ilk to embrace the lesser of two evils permitted the greater of the two evils to rise. And yet I like Sarandon. It takes real courage to go against the mob. Her inconsistencies are a little wild, but in the age of social-media enforced conformity, I have never met anyone so uninterested in toeing the line. Did she really say that Hillary was more dangerous than Trump? "Not exactly, but I don't mind that quote," she says. "I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. It wouldn't be much smoother."

So she doesn't exactly think Hillary is more dangerous than Trump—which she famously said before the election—but she doesn't "mind the quote" (your quote, Susan, you said it) but, hey, come to think of it, Hillary was more dangerous than Trump because we'd definitely be at war right now if Hillary had won the election.

We are at war now right now. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and, it seems, Niger. And thanks in part to Sarandon and other Jill Stein voters dupes, the Trump administration is waging war on the environment, on black Americans, on women, on DREAMers, on immigrants, on the same-sex couples, on trans rights, on the middle class (last time I'll be linking to a story in TIME), on a free press and the 1st Amendment, on our courts, on the State Department, on decency, on civility, and on and on and on.

But for the record: I hate Paul Ryan way more than Susan Sarandon. But Ryan wouldn't be in a position to raise taxes on the poor and middle class and give obscene tax breaks to the wealthy and destroy Obamacare if Hillary Clinton was in the White House. Which she isn't. Thanks in part Susan Sarandon. Whom I also hate.

November 27, 2017. The Daily Slog on The


November 27, 2017

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