Stunning “Field of Flags” lights up in National Mall ahead of Biden Inauguration.

Stunning “Field of Flags” lights up in National Mall ahead of Biden Inauguration.

Nearly 200,000 flags are on display, representing the American people unable to attend.

The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, which will take place amid a devastating pandemic and war zone-like security levels, will look strikingly different from anything the nation has seen before.

Close to 200,000 flags stand in the National Mall ahead of Wednesday's event in Washington, D.C. The display is intended to honor the nearly 400,000 people who have died in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those unable to attend in person.

Normally, hundreds of thousands of people would flock to the Capitol for Inauguration Day. The festivities will be dramatically pared back to limit the spread of the virus and following the Jan. 6 insurrection on the Capitol by rioters seeking to overturn election results, thousands of National Guard troops guard the capital's streets and landmarks. The National Mall is closed, and fences have gone up around the Capitol and White House.

The flag display lit up Monday night with 56 pillars of light, symbolizing every U.S. state and territory. The "America United" theme will follow the message Biden campaigned on, calling for unity amidst some of the nation's most divided times in modern history.

The "Field of Flags" will take the place of tens of thousands of American people at President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

The "Field of Flags" is pictured on the National Mall as the Capitol building is prepared for the inauguration ceremonies.

Lights were beamed into the sky surrounding the "Field of Flags" as inauguration week kicked off Monday.

Tens of thousands of flags represent Americans unable to attend the historic Jan. 20 ceremony.

Pillars of light representing each U.S. state and territory light up the flag display.

The Washington monument is closed to the public until Jan. 24 due to security threats around the inauguration.

The striking display fills the space where thousands of people would usually stand to witness history unfold.

The flag display, organized by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, makes up part of the event's theme of unity.

Josephine Harvey, HuffPost, January 18, 2021.


January 19, 2021.

Voices4America Post Script. There is so much wrong but tomorrow is a day to celebrate what is right. The people chose Democracy! We can’t be in DC but our new POTUS and VP create a chance for thoughtfulness and beauty. Look and share. #JoeBidenKamalaHarrisInauguration2021

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