South of the Border ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ by Liza Donnelly, Andy Borowitz & Me (huh?)

According to reports from the media and his campaign, Donald J. Trump is racing to Mexico right before his latest speech on immigration. You can't wait for that, we bet. :)

Let's hope he stops off en-route at Trump Tower for those BIGLY tacos before he goes. TRUMP is a man of BIG appetites, so he may get hungry. We wouldn't want him to eat foreign food? It might poison him. Can't be too careful.

Hope he won't be lonely. He does have Giuliani and Sessions along. Maybe he should ask Judge Curiel to be his guide in the Fatherland?

Andy Borowitz reported on this breaking story too. In the New Yorker, but it landed here. By Mexican planes, no doubt.

Click here to read - Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars to Keep Donald Trump

The President bristled at the suggestion that paying Mexico to keep Trump was "reverse ransom" and an extravagant use of taxpayer money. "There is only one accurate word for this payment: a bargain," he said.

Finally, Liza Donnelly has some thoughts on this visit too. You saw it here first!


August 31, 2016

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