Some brief remarks on Trump's fly-in to Texas.

1. He said no words of sympathy or concern for the victims of the storm or those who have died, been affected or are suffering.

2. He remarked, as ever, on the crowd size, "What a crowd! What a turnout!"

3. He wore his new hat which you can buy on his website and contribute, not to the relief effort, but to his campaign.

Here is the White House release of his actual words.

No, he didn't announce that he or any members of his family were making million dollar plus donations to the victims of Harvey.

Thank you all, folks. Thank you. Thank you



August 30, 2017

Addendum. Two more related matters.

1. Who will ever forget Trump's inspiring words to Texas, as Hurricane Harvey was bearing down: 'Good luck to everybody' ; or his decision to pardon Joe Arpaio on Friday night when a traumatized nation watched the rains of Harvey pouring down, because there would be "high ratings."

2. Harris County, where most of the damage from Harvey has occurred, voted for Hillary.

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