Simone and Hillary

I personally am really grateful that the most famous woman in the world this week is Simone Biles. I have to be honest, I get really worn out by the way everyone beats up on our Hillary all the time. It is nice to have a little break from it.

And Simone! What a woman. The determination. The work ethic! The slightly tragic but ultimately inspiring story about her family. That truly tremendous mother whose dedication to her daughter is so timeless and true. The history of sacrifice both mother and daughter have made, to make her great. That smile! The absolutely fierce dedication not only to her task, but to her teammates!

Oh wait, sorry, that's Hillary.

Simone is all those things—WOW—and oh let's face it, on top of it all, she's just completely adorable. I love her. Like everyone else on planet earth I got to spend the week obsessing on her, and it was fun. She is and will remain an inspiration to us all. And she is still so specifically herself.

Oh sorry, I'm describing Hillary again. Except of course Hillary is not adorable. Unless you're a disabled kid who wouldn't have a shot at any education at all, were it not for her efforts on your behalf. Then she's pretty adorable.

I really do sincerely like Hillary and it's hard for me not to see how awesome she is, all the time. Like many millions of American voters, I don't think about the times she slipped off the balance beam and didn't get the score we wanted her to get. I don't obsess about all the landings she didn't stick last year, or the year before that, or the year before that. I don't believe that every mistake she made in the past is more important or more real than what she's accomplishing today.

And what's more, nobody at the Olympics thinks that either. Mistakes made in training are considered building blocks. You work and you train and you perform, and some of those performances go well and some don't. And you move on and you try to do better next time.

The one thing you're not allowed to do of course is doping, because that's considered cheating. If they suspect you of doping, you have to go through a bunch of tests to prove that you didn't do that. But if you pass those tests, fair's fair, your record is clean, you get to compete, and your score and your performance today is what everybody looks at and celebrates.

It is true that our Hillary has been accused of some bad things. She's been put through the ringer for every one of those accusations, and she always comes through. Want to know why? Remember those Russian judges who are always suspect, during the winter Olympics, because they weight the scales toward their own teams, and how mad that makes everyone, because it really IS cheating to do that only it's the judges who are cheating?

For now, let's call those Russian judges "Republicans." Seriously, let's just do that.

Or, let's look at it another way. What if every time our mighty Simone stepped onto that floor mat and did one of those mind-blowing flips, some judge stepped up and screamed bloody murder and accused her of cheating and tried to take her score, and her accomplishment, away from her. Every time. And no matter how many times she faced down her critics, Simone had to face them all down again, and also perform that glorious floor routine to perfection. Again and again and again.

I bet she wouldn't smile as much.

And I love that kid's smile. There is so much joy there, so much appreciation for her own talent and her own gifts and the true genius that is held in her spirit. She lets us all smile with her.

No question, our Hillary is not as adorable as our Simone. But she is as brave and as talented. And I don't need her to smile like that. I need her to be my president.

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