Putin joke from Reddit, plus more.

Putin dies and goes to hell, but after a while, he is given a day off for good behavior.

So he goes to Moscow, enters a bar, orders a drink, and asks the bartender:

-Is Crimea ours?

-Yes, it is.

-And the Donbas?

-Also ours.

-And Kyiv?

-We got that too.

Satisfied, Putin drinks, and asks:

-Thanks, how much do I owe you?

-5 euros.

Also, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief today when the mad Russian leader was merely delusional, but didn’t escalate the war against Ukraine on Victory Day.

To cite The New York , “Against a backdrop of armored vehicles and soldiers in regalia, President Vladimir V. Putin hailed Russia’s army for “fighting for the Motherland,” delivering a defiant speech at the start of the annual Victory Day commemorations on Monday that falsely depicted his invasion of Ukraine as an extension of the struggle against Nazism in Europe.

Slandering Ukrainian fighters as “Nazis,” as he has done throughout the war, Mr. Putin did not announce any change in the military campaign, but sought to use the roaring military parade in Moscow’s Red Square to to channel Russian pride in defeating Nazi Germany into support for his invasion of Ukraine.”

Have a nice day.
And yes, #Blue2022 so we can keep our country safe.
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