POLL RESULTS: "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?"

Thanks to our good friends at Rule of Thumb, we know the answer is a resounding NO!

From the Rule of Thumb Report:

"Sorry Mr. Trump! Despite your constant presence in the media, 75% of the voters in this Rule of Thumb Trial won't miss your incendiary bloviating should you fail to be elected President and begin to wither in the public eye. Why? Well, it seems the presence you have created is sort of like a soiled baby diaper on a family car trip. Oh yeah, it gets our attention, but for all the wrong reasons. And as you can see by the vote count and the comments in this Rule of Thumb Trial, many will be happy when your scent starts to dissipate."

Top Comment:

"Saying I'd miss Trump would be like saying I'd miss bacterial meningitis. For a while I couldn't get over how bad a Trump presidency would be for America, but with every passing day I came to realize how detrimental it was that he was simply running! The negative bile that spews out of his mouth and the grade school name-calling and personal attacks have made a mockery of our political process. And now, as he prepares to be beaten badly in the general election, he's preemptively explaining his loss by intimating it was all part of a Democratically-orchestrated election fraud. C'mon, let's face facts, this guy never intended to be President. His own people have been quoted as saying they just wanted a decent showing in the primary ("we'd be very pleased with double digits"). Then his negative rhetoric and "tough guy" persona resonated with the disenfranchised, and his popularity soured. To that end, I firmly believe he's never strayed from his offensive attacks on religious groups & immigrants and would never kowtow to requests from prominent GOP leaders to get-in-line and clean-up his shit show, because he knew he would continue to do well with the same message, but not well enough to win. Miss him?!? He can't go away soon enough!!" - PhillyChristian


"Women love me," says Donald Trump. Fact check: ah, no. In this trial, 100% of the female voters gave him the Thumbs down, so they won't miss him when and if he goes. (Sure a few female Breitbart staffers and Fox newscasters might shed a few tears, but that will probably have more to do with their careers than their politics.)

What About The Guys?

The 24% of voters who stated they would miss Donald Trump were all male, no surprise. And all white, no surprise. However, what was surprising was that none of them were Republicans. In fairness to these men and revealed in their comments most were not Trump advocates, they were simply drawn to the spectacle. Fret not boys; football seasons starts soon.

While we at Voices4Hillary cannot say we are shocked by any of this, we can definitely say that we are informed.

Major thanks again to Rule of Thumb for conducting this survey. Make sure to give their site a look and and a thumbs up (or down!) depending on the topic.

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