People Are Talking - Trump, Giuliani, the Mob & Bribery

This is by Wayne Barrett.

Here is a paragraph to tell you why you should read Barrett's article.

Rudy and Donald first got together in the late 1980s shortly before Donald became co-chair of Giuliani's first fundraiser for his 1989 mayoral campaign, silting on the Waldorf fair and steering $41,000 to the campaign. A year earlier, Tony Lombardi, the federal agent closest to then-U.S. Attorney Giuliani, opening a probe of Trump's role in the suspect sale of two Trump Tower apartments to Robert Hopkins, the mob-connected head of the city's largest gambling ring.

Go on. This is scary tale of BAD GUYS. BAD! BAD! Criminal. DONALD TRUMP is Unfit to be POTUS. Click here. Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, peas in a pod

Let's start with the fact that Donald Trump's top surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, is on the payroll.


September 7, 2016

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