November 8 is Not Election Day.  VOTE NOW. 37 States.  MD and OH and Others in Full Swing. Florida Registration extended again, ends Oct. 18.

Early voting is in full swing.

North Carolina began on September 9.

Nevada and Virginia began on Friday, September 23.

Florida, Iowa and Michigan began on Saturday, September 24.

Ohio and Maryland began.

37 States have early voting. Plus Absentee voting by mail without an excuse is allowed in 27 states. 20 states ask for an excuse.

Check out YOUR STATE. Your options for voting NOW or SOON. Here.

Hey, you who live in those states can vote for Hillary now. Go for it. Everyone, poke folks who live in those states and tell them to vote early and get out the vote early too.

So much easier. No lines. No waits. No Trump supporters bothering you.

We can win this soon, if you chip in. Don't wait. Vote.

Here are some battleground states...

New Hampshire

Ohio and Arizona



September 22, 2016

Updated October 12, 2016

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