New York AG seeks to depose Eric Trump in investigation of Trump's finances.

The New York state attorney general is asking for a court to compel Eric Trump to be deposed in an investigation of the Trump Organization.

In court filings Monday, Letitia James' office said Eric Trump initially agreed to sit for a deposition on July 22, only to refuse, "balking less than two days before he was scheduled by agreement to give testimony."James' office outlined the scope of the investigation into whether the Trump Organization "improperly inflated the value of Mr. Trump's assets on financial statements in order to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits."

The attorney general's office has been investigating President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization since 2019, when Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen testified before Congress that Trump's annual financial statements inflated the values of his assets in order to secure favorable loans and insurance coverage, but deflated the value of other assets in order to reduce real estate taxes.

In the filing, James' office states Eric Trump's attorney sent a letter to the attorney general saying he would invoke "those rights afforded to every individual under the Constitution" as justification not to testify. CNN has reached out to an attorney for Eric Trump for comment. Alan Garten, chief legal officer for the Trump Organization, downplayed the development.

Court orders Donald Trump to pay legal fees in Stormy Daniels suit

Court orders Donald Trump to pay legal fees in Stormy Daniels suit

    "There has been no lawsuit filed by the NY Attorney General," Garten said. "This is simply a discovery dispute over documents and the like. As the motion papers clearly state, the NY AG has made no determination that anything was improper or that any action is forthcoming. We will respond to this motion as appropriate."

    August 24, 2020


    August 24, 2020

    Voices4America Post Script. As the #TrumpCult moves to re-nominate, the New York Attorney General reminds us of #TrumpCriminality. Remember too that Eric, like his brother and sister, stole from charities. All are banned forever from Charity Boards. #EndTrumpRegime #BidenHarris2020

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