Voting for the Sake of My Special Needs Son (plus Hillary's Orlando Speech on Jobs for People with Disabilities).

As the mother of a special needs young adult, I am certain that Hillary is the only candidate that can make certain that he receives services throughout his life. His being informs every single moment of the lives of my husband and me. We will predecease him. How can we not fight as hard as possible to insure that Hillary leads our country.

I believe she will make certain that he lives the fullest life possible, one with meaning and perhaps joy, that sees to his survival.

The moment I saw Donald Trump mocking the disability of New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski, I thought to myself as most Americans did, "it's over now."

But yet, somehow in a universe I no longer understand it is not.

How can I possibly believe that a person that is capable of this could attend to the care of my precious baby boy.

HOW!!! STOP THIS NOW. Our lives are complex yet every American has their own issues. It is clear Hilary has an enormous view of the needs of all of her constituencies. Most importantly, she will save my family and the enormous community of those who have special needs..

Any other choice would be terminal to our country.

Life as we know it would certainly be destroyed. The peril of our country turning into some sort of sci-fi apocalypse is truly a possibility. Think of housing, basic needs, feeding your children.

The other candidate has a demented value system and absolutely no relevant experience to lead. He operates only from self interest with no consistency in his opinions. He has been well documented a person with no attention span, with a trail of debt that appears to amuse him. He is unwilling to show us his tax returns which clearly indicates a history of secrets that would reflect terribly upon the person he claims to be. He is opportunistic. His vanity allows him to make decisions that are inconsistent with our goals. He is uninformed. He is a petulant adolescent.

How can I trust that my son or my countrywould ever survive with him at the helm.


September 19, 2016

Addendum. In her book, "Trump We Trust" book, conservative pundit Ann Coulter defended Trump, saying that Trump "was doing a standard retard, waving his arms and sounding stupid," instead of making fun of Kovaleski's physical disability.

Well. Well. You can't make this stuff up.

Second Addendum. On September 21, 2016, Hillary gave a speech, outlining herplan for new job opportunities for disabled persons.

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