March on. January 20 is tomorrow.

This is what came yesterday to my email. I thought you might benefit from the information it provides for your own March on Saturday.

Dear Annette & Eve,

Where will you be marching and celebrating the one year anniversary of the Women's Marches this weekend?

#WeekendOfWomen is coming up! With over 400 events in all 50 states and across the world, organized independently by women-led organizations, March On is pleased to introduce a short video we created to celebrate and support the extraordinary work happening at the grassroots.

Let's get everyone fired up for your local anniversary action!

In light of the recent articles in the New York Times and Refinery 29, we wanted you to know where March On stands on the subject of unity in the women's movement.

From the beginning, we have applauded the continued work of Women's March, Inc., the national group that planned the Women's March On Washington. Their inspirational work on social and racial justice issues truly paints a picture of the kind of America andworld that March On strives for.

March On has chosen to focus on elections, which is a different, and complementary, path to the same goal. Our focus is on electing better leaders so that we can have better laws--laws that create a more just society for everyone. Many supporters of March On are also Women's March supporters and that's just how it should be. There is plenty of work to be done to reclaim our country and we need all-hands-on-deck at a time like this.

We have achieved so much this year as a movement--from stopping the election of an alleged child molester to the Senate to the #metoo movement. Now, let's have some fun this weekend and prepare ourselves for the year ahead. Together, we can do it!

Looking forward to #WeekendOfWomen,


PS -- March On is kicking off Operation Marching Orders (OMO) in conjunction with the #WeekendOfWomen. Our signature crowdsourcing initiative puts you, the marchroots, in the driver's seat of the political platform we will pursue as a movement. It's our way of giving the politicians their "marching orders" about the kind of world we want to see. You can learn more about OMO here.

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January 18, 2018


January 19, 201 8

Post Script. There are many banners for Saturday. See you there

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