Love Bomb for Hillary by Molly Smith

You know, I love Hillary Clinton. Absolutely, unequivocally and without reservation.

I am weary of the slings and arrows of liberals and press. I am tired of the: 'yes I'd love to see a woman win but not this woman.' Or 'I just don't like her.'

Well you know what, I love her. I love her spirit and her ability to stand up to bullies. She's smart and funny and the most experienced and competent to run for President ever.

I love that she cares and takes action for the vulnerable. I love that she has focused on women and children and health care and people of color.

And I love that she gets shit done.

This is the most important election of my lifetime. We need to stand up for her like she stands up for us. She's had more thrown at her in the past 40 years than we can imagine and god knows, it must be really painful for her.

We need a love bomb for Hillary.

We can be her love brigade. When anyone says anything negative about her, turn the conversation around and tell them what you love about her. Don't just listen and take it in. Change the conversation. She's taken the body blows. Now we need to.

And then, let's get out the vote like our life depends upon it--because it does.

Love bombs for Hillary!


September 4, 201

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