Kimmel says Cassidy-Graham fails "Kimmel test." Others weigh in too. Have you?

Cassidy Graham is the latest version of Trumpcare, a GOP determination to end the gains of the Affordable Care Act. Here is what we know:

Many informed folks have weighed in.

1. From @KamalaHarris

The Graham-Cassidy bill would be disastrous for Americans. Memorize this number and call to save our health care: (202) 224–3121.

2. FRom @ChrisMurphyCT

3. From @SenBobCasey

4 A letter from 10 Governors to McConnell.

Notables: Walker (I-Alaska), Brian Sandoval (R-Nevada), Kasich (R-Ohio).

5. Jimmy Kimmel says that Senator Cassidy lied right to his face. NO, Cassidy-Graham doesn't pass the "Jimmy Kimmel" test.

6. From Dan Diamond of Politico.

6. And last, Ian Illhiser, Of ThinkProgress, makes clear what you can do.


September 20, 2017

Addendum. Since I am unable to post on groups on Facebook until September 26 (presumably because I posted a New Times opinion piece about FB and Russian collusion), I beg you. Please share this on your page and to your groups. Lives will depend on our stopping the current version of Trumpcare, akaCassidy Graham.

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