Joe Scarborough starts #MoscowMitch trending.

"He is aiding & abetting Putin's ongoing attempts to subvert U.S. democracy, according to the Republican FBI, CIA, DNI…All Republicans are saying Russia is trying to subvert U.S. democracy & Moscow Mitch won't even let the Senate take a vote on it. That is un-American.--@JoeNBC

Joe Scarborough DESTROYS Mitch McConnell For Russian Ties, "Moscow Mitch is as DIRTY as Trump"

NBC, July 25, 2019


July 26, 2019

Voices4America Post Script. @JoeNBC callled out #MoscowMitch & #TreasonousGOP which once again refused to protect our elections. They don't like the current bills? O.K., GOP, write your own. Protect our Democracy! Call your elected officials! Share this with others!

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