Joe Biden - speech in Philadelphia on our nation’s current situation. Video.

Joe Biden Addresses the Nation On the Civil Unrest Facing Communities Across America

Joe Biden gave a wonderful and human scale speech yesterday. He reminded us who we are, what we must do, and showed us what type of President and leader he will be. Activist. Compassionate. Moral.

Sometimes it is hard to see but good things are happening - despite a murder, a pandemic with a hundred thousand deaths, an economy in tatters and 40 million unemployed, and hunger pervasive in our country - yes, murder, racism, mayhem and militarism.

But remember this. Millions of people in 28 states and around the world are saying no more to racism and Trump. That is a good and great thing.

We the people will prevail.

Last night's primaries in 8 states were good too...the overt racist Steve King, the 9th term Republican Congressman from Iowa, was defeated.

Ella Jones became the first African-American and first woman elected mayor in Ferguson, Mo., on Tuesday, nearly six years after the city erupted in protests after a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a black teenager. (New York Times)

Resistance is everywhere.

People are recognizing that racism is systemic, that inequality is not an American value.

Yes, the sun is shining.

Let's hope Trump doesn't do something more damaging again today. 🤞💪🙏

But know we are ready if he does. Americans are now activated. And Joe Biden is ready with us.

#EndRacismNow #Justice4GeorgeFloyd #Biden2020


June 3, 2020

Hey, get going for the election too. Ask for a mail in ballot. Remind others to do the same. November 3 is a day of change. Yes, We the People. It is up to us.

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