If Lindsey Graham is your senator, or if he isn't, call him.

Yesterday, when 85% of the 3.5 million Americans had no electricity, Donald Trump played Golf. 71 days of golf in the 259 days he has been in office. Trump has visited a Trump property every 2.8 days in office.

Yesterday, one Senator hankered down with him and joyously tweeted about it. This is from my retweets.

Other Senators - two I know of are Senator Tim Kaine of VA and Kirsten Gillibrand- visited the island over the weekend and tried to assess what was happening and what to do.

Senator John McCain released a press release as part of his fight to repeal the Jones Act. (The waiver of the Jones Act ended yesterday and Trump has said he won't waive it again, although it cripples Puerto Rico.)

Senator Diane Feinstein worked all day yesterday, gathering support to limit sales of bump stock, which turns other guns into automatic weapons.

Hillary Clinton urged us all to call our Senators to reinstate the expired Children's Health Insurance Program, leaving 9 million children uninsured.

LIndsay Graham...he played golf with Trump and fawned over him by boastful tweets on behalf of Trump's game. There are already articles calling that lie out. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/10/linds...

But his lie is not the point, is it?

Trump golfs while Puerto Rico drowns, while California burns, while our country suffers from his Administration.

Call Senator Graham and tell him what you think of how he spent the day.

While you are at it, tell him to support more aid to Puerto Rico, repeal of the Jones Act, reinstatement of CHIP and limits on Bump Stock Access. Tell him also to consider Trump's impeachment, for emoluments and collusion with Russia.

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October 10, 2017

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