Prepare for fake inaugural. Set your DVRs to cartoons and train with Executive Women for Her.

You are going to DC for either Friday's Protest or Saturday's Women's March or both, or marching in one of the 30 cities on Saturday? Here are ways to prepare so you are most effective.

Prepare for the Women's March - To Do Item #1.

Not going to be home for the inauguration? Great....see you in DC. Going to be home? Great. Do this and tell friends and family to do this too. Watch or set your DVR to ESPN or cartoons all day. Drive his ratings down.

Prepare for the Women's March - To Do Item #2.

1. Executive Women for Her (EW4Her) Hosts VIRTUAL WOMEN'S SUMMIT To Prepare Women for Trump Inauguration & Women's March on Washington New York, NY.

Executive Women for Her (EW4Her) will host a two-hour Virtual Women's Summit with webinar trainings on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 to help guide women through "President-Elect" Trump's inauguration and the Women's March on Washington.

"Using our Winning Hearts and Minds (WHAM) trainings, we helped Hillary Clinton win the nomination and nearly 3 million more votes that the President-Elect by training professional and entrepreneurial women to apply their business skills, influence and networks to politics," said Carol Evans, co-founder of Executive Women for Hillary, which has recently restructured as Executive Women for Her (EW4Her).

"As this inauguration approaches, we're excited to host our Virtual Women's Summit to help women shift from the negative impact of the election into positive action moving forward."

"While we obviously wish Hillary Clinton's role in this year's inauguration was taking the oath of office, we're hopeful that our Virtual Women's Summit will help strengthen women's resolve to win the presidency," said Mosemarie Boyd, EW4Her Arkansas State Chair and founder of Madam President, a political action committee.

"We will help women heal with empowering knowledge of our past victories and visualize our future victories—we're excited to help participants visualize a woman taking the oath to serve as president of the United States."

2. VIRTUAL WOMEN'S SUMMIT: Two-Hour Webinar on Weds. Jan. 18, 2017

Getting to Action (participatory seminar) - 1 hour (5:30-6:30 pm EST): New interactive training focused on getting past our feelings of loss, reflecting on what we achieved and preparing for the challenge ahead.

Our Historic Victory (participatory seminar) - 30 min (6:30-7:00 pm EST): A brief history of powerful women who paved the way for our historic victory in 2016.

3. Visualize a Woman Taking the Oath of Office: 30 min (7:00 to 7:30 pm EST):An exercise to visualize a woman taking the oath of office and keeping the goal in focus. Guaranteed to make participants feel energized for the work ahead.Using ZOOM webinar technology, participants are invited to log-on from the comfort of a location of their choice. Participants are being encouraged to join with a friend, colleague or group.

Registration for VIRTUAL WOMEN's SUMMIT is required at the link below:

The Virtual Women's Summit is organized by EW4Her and Madam President PAC and co-sponsored by Eleanor's Legacy, Up2Us (formerly Chappaqua Friends of Hillary) and Voices4Hillary. Sister organizations are invited to join as additional co-sponsors.


January 17, 2017

Addendum. If you want information about the DC and Sister Marches, click Here.

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