Want to Play 20 Questions, Trump? Hillary Plays the (Serious) Game!

Hillary Clinton took matters into her own hands, quite literally today. The former Secretary of State took to Twitter to lead the press to the Trump water with 20 questions the Republican nominee for president must answer now.

Buckle up, it's a good ride:

Clinton is referring to this piece in Newsweek described by author Kurt Eichenwald thusly, "A Pres Trump could not conduct US foreign policy without affecting his personal bank account."

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how an experienced and confident leader helps the press deal with the wild lies and broken words of the Republican nominee.

Clinton is helping shape the narrative, and showing her expertise at the same time. Instead of letting the press drag this country down with false equivalences as they get buried by Trump's slippery non-answers and accusations made completely without evidence, Clinton is showing the way.

Here are 20 questions Trump should be answering right now, and unlike the wispy character conspiracies Trump is making up to smear Clinton, these questions – or rather the answers to them – have grave implications for our national security.

We all know Trump will not answer these questions, but the point is to ask them.

Clinton isn't going to wait for the media to sort it out, she's going to draw a big red arrow in the sky. Like a boss.

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