MJ for Texas, MJ for America.

I am a big fan of Congressional Candidate and retired Air Force Captain and rescue helicopter pilot, Mary Jennings "MJ" Hegar, who is running for the House in Texas 31 District, just north of Austin.

So is this guy.

Watch the video and see what you think.

MJ and her husband and son. MJ is just what TX CD 31 and Washington need. You can help.

Yes, she won a purple 💜 heart and the distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for action during 3 tours of duty in Afghanistan. Her memoir, "Shoot Like a Girl," is on its way to be made into a movie, starring Angelina Joli.

MJ has also proved she can get things done in Washington. When MJ learned it was illegal for women to be in official combat positions — and get the benefits that come with them, he saw that our Constitution was being violated. She, backed by the ACLU, sued the Pentagon. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of our military supported her. She won. Women can now compete for almost a quarter of a million combat jobs and America is safer and fairer, thanks to her efforts.

When one congressional district, whether in Texas or in Kentucky or California or New York City, elects someone to Congress, that affects the rest of the nation too. How will that person vote on healthcare? Or on education for our children, or on policies affecting economic opportunities for all Americans?

You can read more about MJ in her Texas Tribune Interview with CEO Evan Smith:


MJ is on the DCCC list Red to Blue, of Democrats likely to take seats from the GOP.

The polls show MJ and her opponent in a statistical tie, his 9-point advantage in July eroded to just a 4-point lead (42% Hegar / 46% Carter). Perhaps even more exciting, she has now taken an 8-point lead among Independent voters.

MJ can win this. Check out the latest poll.

MJ can win this. MJ knows how to fight and win, but she can't do it alone.

Anything you can do will help.

She has consistently outraised her political opponent but national Republican PACS are stepping in. Her opponent has taken over $250,000 in Corporate PAC money this cycle alone. She has taken $0.

So first, donate if you can. No amount, not even $5, is too small.

Next, tell others. Get involved.

It is especially important you share this post with friends in Texas and elsewhere to help bring outvolunteers and donations and voters.


Early voting in Texas begins on October 30.

Texas CD31 needs MJ, but the rest of us need her votes and leadership in Washington too.

MJ knows how to fight and win, but her victory is also up to us.

As another wise woman once said, it takes a Village.

I have MJ's back. Do you?


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