Not Everyone Did It, Mr Trump by Sandra Chamberlin

What did that wealthy man behind the presidential debate podium say? He was been investigated in 1973 for housing discrimination against African Americans - "Sorry but that unit was just sold." He said, "Well, hundreds of others were investigated too." In other words, it's okay if everyone else is doing it. Well, hundreds were not investigated and if they had been, and if they did what Fred and Donald Trump did, that wouldn't have made it okay.

My Dad didn't do what "everyone else was doing," Mr. Trump. He did what was right.

In 1967 my father, who was struggling to earn enough money to support our family by selling housing plots on 15 acres of land in South Carolina, had a shotgun shoved in his face. He was sitting on the property in a folding chair near his car on the sandy property hoping to greet buyers when a white man in a truck drove up to talk to him. The man had his shotgun and told my dad that he better not be thinking of selling any of those plots to n------s.

I don't know what dad told that man but I do know that he continued to sell the property, with nothing but his car, a chair, a pad of paper and a pen. He did sell some of that land to black families. We all worried about him, he was alone, and missed all of us back in Indiana.

He did, however, have his good conscience, a moral backbone and the courage to do the right thing to keep him company.

I will never vote for bigotry, greed, and cowardice nor will I be fooled to mistake

"good business" for what it really is. I'm with Hillary.


October 26,2016

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