Tim Kaine Impresses Across Generations

The indomitable Sarah Kovner, longtime activist, feminist, and Democrat recalls a recent evening with Tim Kaine, our wonderful Vice Presidential candidate.

The indomitable Sarah Kaine, activist, feminist, life-long fighter for progressive causes, saw him at a recent party in New York City. This was her response

At the same house party was 17 year old Molly Shapiro. She was as impressed with Kaine as Sarah Kovner had been. This is what she said.

Senator Kaine looked like just another guest at the fundraiser on Thursday night. He removed his shoes as the sign outside the door requested and entered the room beaming, as if this was the event he had been waiting to attend.

The Senator spoke of the promise of this country and the ideals-- of equality and freedom-- upon which it was founded. He acknowledged the strong women who have supported him throughout his career-- namely, his wife Anne, the Former Secretary of Education of Virginia-- and said that he is proud to be playing the supporting role for Hillary. Senator Kaine spoke of goals, obstacles, and the ugliness of Trump's rhetoric. He said he campaigns with a smile on his face but knows that this election is deadly serious.

Kaine was interested in the audience, eloquent in his speech, humble in his presentation. As he mingled with the crowd afterwards, he asked people about their lives, remembered names, and patiently smiled for pictures. When I got the chance to shake his hand, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for an individual that models a life of service and a commitment to diplomacy.

I left the event feeling proud to live in a nation that Kaine will hopefully help lead for the next eight years. I felt reassured of this country's potential, which Trump makes me question everyday. I was energized, riled up, ready. I want to fight for Hillary/Kaine, and help others my age do so as well.

Molly with the VP candidate.

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September 20, 2016

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