Department of Homeland Security agency: 'Nov. 3 election was most secure in American history.’

WASHINGTON (SBG) — A federal government agency under the Department of Homeland Security says this election was the "most secure in American history."

In a statement from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, part of DHS, the agency and state elections officials there is no evidence any voting system was compromised.

"While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too," the statement says. "When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections."

Since Election Day, President Donald Trump and his advisers have claimed of widespread fraud and said thousands of illegitimate votes were cast and filed lawsuits in multiple states where he is trailing.

To this point, Trump's campaign or its attorneys have yet to produce any significant evidence showing that despite repeatedly making the claim. In some cases, his campaign's lawyers aren't even trying to prove fraud took place.

Trump has yet to concede the race to projected President-elect Joe Biden and only a handful of Republican lawmakers have publicly congratulated him.

CISA has created a portal on its website debunking misinformationabout the election.

"When states have close elections, many will recount ballots. All of the states with close results in the 2020 presidential race have paper records of each vote, allowing the ability to go back and count each ballot if necessary," CISA's statement says. "This is an added benefit for security and resilience. This process allows for the identification and correction of any mistakes or errors.

"There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.", by AUSTIN DENEAN, November 12th 2020

November 13, 2020

Voices4America Post Script. As you read this article,Trump is firing the officials at Department of Homeland Security who issued this statement. Could this be related? #MostSecureElectionEver #JoeBidenPresidentElect #KamalaHarrisVPElect

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