Meet DemList, Your New Favorite Source for Campaign News (Except Voices4Hillary, of course)

Voices4Hillary wants you to know about a special resource that we are making available through our site.

DemList is a free national political newsletter, calendar and resource site for Democrats and allies; a unique, central resource that connects people to the who, where and why of Democratic events, issues and activism. We especially suggest you check out and share their page with all states' voter registration deadlines!

The DemDaily Political Newsletter: Informs activists at every level about the presidential election, Party, players and issues.

The DemList National Calendar: A permanent forum for all Dems and friends to submit their party, walks, webinars, policy and fundraising events for free promotion in every state.

Calendar State Pages: Calendars for each state with key political, legislative and voter deadlines. A user-friendly reference for organizations, union members, operatives, state and local parties.

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For More Information Visit DemList

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September 20, 2016

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