Debate Playbook by Dennis Sullivan

  • Never use the term "private server" or the word "server." Perhaps best is, "I regret using a single email address."
  • Don't use the word "mistake." How about, "I was certainly wrong to use a single address, as I have said many times before. Not only did the Director of the FBI find no case to pursue, he also said that his decision was "not even close.
  • Donald, if you're going to keep coming up with funny names, how about "Dangerous Don?" Because you are definitely dangerous. When you incite to violence at your rallies, that's dangerous. When you say you are going to throw out millions of dreamers, that's dangerous. When you set police against vulnerable young men who get shot down just for being who they are, that's dangerous and when you advocate torture, that's extremely dangerous.
  • The terrorist who was so quickly found and arrested in New York City and New Jersey last week would not have been caught by your proposals on refugees or by your so called extreme vetting. What did work was a combination of alert citizens and smart police work.
  • Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge because in 10 years in NYC 90% of those stopped were African American and Latino even though they constituted just 50% of the city's population. In 2011 more young black men were stopped than there were young black men living in New York. Violent crime went down in New York but it went down twice as much in Los Angeles where stop and frisk was never used. About 88% of those stopped were found to be innocent of any crime.
  • Shira Scheindlin, the judge who declared stop and frisk to be unconstitutional, pointed out that when strips decreased from a high of 685,000 in 2011 to a low of approximately 22,000 today, crime did not rise at all - in fact it decreased a bit.
  • African American communities are not in the worst shape ever. No Donald, that is just plain ignorant. Not only did that community obviously suffer far more under slavery and Jim Crow, and until the passage of Civil Rights legislation in the mid-sixties, but conditions in those communities have greatly improved in the last eight years - - in employment, education and health. In answer to the question you have been asking, I'll tell you what people have to lose. Everything.
  • Black lives matter. So does every life. But 40% of the unarmed men shot to death by police are African American.
  • The police understandably feel that as citizens protest police shootings they are also being encouraged to target them. And as we saw in Dallas, those fears can be real. In Charleston last week we once again saw protesters and the police confronting each other while enveloped in tear gas. Now with the night skies once again clear, we must seek peace, we must seek love and kindness. It is not a time for hateful rhetoric.
  • You love to talk about strength. You love to TALK about what a big strong man you are, a tough guy. But bullies aren't tough, they're just mean. You admire Vladimir Putin because you think he's tough, you appreciated Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi for being tough. I think you would like the world to be ruled by a Dictators Club. Donald, hear this: We fought a Revolution to free ourselves from tyranny. This is not the time to go back there. That is not making America Great again.


    To the first question about the foundation, whatever it is: "Here is what the Clinton Foundation has done (Proceed to list EVERYTHING the foundation, CGI and the Health Access Initiative have accomplished, going into detail, especially about the number of people affected, the number of lives saved. The cumulative effect is staggering). This will take a while. If Trump (or Lester) interrupt with talk of pay-to-play, say: "Pay-to-play?" You want to know about pay-to-play? The Trump Foundation seems to have existed as one big self-giving scheme. (Add details)

  • Honesty? Let's talk about honesty. The Politifact organization found that Mr Trump's statements were mostly false 17% of the time, completely false 35% of the time and 18% of his claims were labeled "pants on fire." That means that Trump was judged to be from mostly a liar to embarrassingly a liar 70% of the time he opened his mouth. said that in the 12 years of its existence they had never seen his match, not only for "the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusal to admit error when proven wrong." Finally, the Washington Post Fact Checker gave Donald Trump their Four Pinocchios rating for 65% of his statements. Four Pinocchios is their highest falsehood score . It indicates that all those statements were totally false. Almost 20% of his statements rated Three Pinocchios. What does that mean? It means that just about every time Donald opens his mouth, he is lying.
  • I define trustworthiness as keeping your word, whenever and to whomever you give it. It means keeping the trust of children lacking adequate health care in the 1990s in Arkansas; it means speaking up for women's rights in Beijing in 1995; it means a lifetime of fighting for universal health care, for educational standards and against family violence. It means keeping my word to the mothers of the movement. It means keeping my word to our veterans. It means keeping my word to the thousands of people I met while traveling all around the world, people who live in freedom as well as those who are oppressed, all of whom expect the United States to lead the way to democracy and a better life.
  • Trustworthiness is also about openness. Open to white men. Open to white women. To black men and black women. To brown men and brown women. Tan men, tan women. Infants and toddlers, children and teenagers, young men, young women, parents and workers, grandparents . We must be united in bonds of trust with all those who have come as well as those who continue to come to this great country. From Africa and Asia, from Europe and Latin America, from large sprawling nations and from tiny island nations. Christians, Muslims, Confucians, indigenous people and immigrants. All. United. All. Americans. Stronger. Together.

September 24, 2016


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