By Chris Quinn

Standing in the Wells Fargo Convention Center last night I was among the many who were moved and inspired by the First Lady's speech. One sentence, in particular, struck me. When Michelle Obama said, "We are deciding who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives." I felt a chill as I flashed back to my week prior at the RNC.

As a woman, a member of the LGBTQ community and an advocate for homeless women and families, I was deeply upset by what was said by the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees. These men support a Republican platform that will take away women's rights, discriminate against gay, lesbian and transgender individuals and openly supports conversion therapy – a practice that has resulted in children taking their own lives (and, thank you to Governor Andrew Cuomo, that New York State has banned health insurance from covering).
Donald Trump declares that he will protect us from "foreign terrorists" in the same breath as he threatens to target and deport law-abiding residents, causing children to fear for their parents' safety and their own. He calls for a change in trade policy while moving millions of jobs overseas and costing hard-working Americans their livelihoods and homes.
The entire RNC was filled with hate, division, intolerance, hypocrisy and blame. There was zero sense of unity; Ted Cruz stood on stage and refused to endorse his party's nominee.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the mood at the DNC has been one of joy and hope as the Democratic convention speakers have been lifting America – and each other – up.
Last night we saw two incredibly accomplished women – First Lady Michelle Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren – who have worked to make the country a better place by improving consumer protection, encouraging healthy eating and fitness, and supporting girls' learning domestically and internationally. We saw Senator Bernie Sanders, who fought a hard race, ask his supporters to put this country first and support Hillary Clinton. He knows that you have to support the candidate who is closest to your values and is best for the country.
Of shaping our children, Michelle Obama added "I am here tonight because in this election there is only one person I trust with that responsibility." She noted that "words and actions matter, to our girls and children across the country."
Indeed, they do. One convention is supporting gay conversion therapy for our children. And one made all restroom signs gender-neutral. I know which person and which party I trust.
###July 26, 2016

It was Chris Quinn's birthday yesterday.

Voices4Hillary captured this.

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