Was Trump attack on LeBron James merely a distraction to reve his base?

On Monday, LeBron James, widely considered the greatest living basketball player, announced an $8 million gift to his home town - the I Promise Public School for young men at risk in the community. He discussed this with CNN newsman Don Lemon. Talking about the school and the value of education and sports gave the NBA legend and activist a chance to discuss Donald Trump and the current political climate. "I believe our president is trying to divide us," he said. "He is dividing us and what I noticed over the last few months is that he's kind of used sports to divide us."

On Friday, in a racist, unhinged late night tweet, Trump attacked both men.

Disgusting, of course. But why last night? 5 days after King James's remarks? Why now?

Trump is heading to Ohio today, himself. In a district that has sent Republican Congressmen to DC for three decades, the Republican candidate for the #SpecialElection which is happening this Tuesday, August 7, is in trouble.

The latest polls show that the Congressional Race in Ohio CD 12 , which Mitt Romney won the district by 10 points in 2012 and Trump carried by 11 in 2016, is in a dead heat.

If the Democrat, Danny O'Connor wins, this will have big implications for the Midterms and for the Trump presidency.

Trump needs his base to turn out to vote against O'Connor, a personable candidate whose victory on Tuesday may well be seen as the start of #BlueWave2018.

Should O'Connor win, a Trump endorsement may soon be seen as poison for GOP candidates around the country. It may loosen his power on GOP incumbents facing re-election in November. It may lessen his grip on the GOP.

Thus it is, a man who usually plays golf on Saturday is heading to Ohio today with the hope he can stop O'Connor. He needs his followers to turn out on Tuesday.

Racism, an attack on King James - these are his whipping posts. What better way to turn out his base!

The Twitter world and media is aflame with his Tweet. Trump has grabbed the news cycle.

Do you want to stop Trump? to start the #BlueWave?

Don't be fooled by Trump's distraction, or better yet, let his racism motivate us further to elect Danny O'Connor.

If you live in Ohio, vote on Tuesday. remind friends and family to vote.

Wherever you live, use this tool to make calls to turn out voters.


Let's win this. Danny O'Connor for Congress in Ohio Congressional District 12. Special Election, Tuesday, August 7.

It is up to you.


August 3, 2018

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