Colbert Slams Kelly’s Explanation of the Civil War. Video.

What Do You Think Caused World War II, a Zoning Issue?'

Stephen Colbert took a break Tuesday from his focus on the Russia investigation to address some controversial comments by the White House chief of staff, John F. Kelly. In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Mr. Kelly praised Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general, and said the Civil War took place only because of "the lack of an ability to compromise."

"What do you mean, there was a lack of compromise? The Civil War happened because of compromise: the Missouri Compromise, the Three-Fifths Compromise. You're a general and you don't know why the Civil War happened? What do you think caused World War II, a zoning issue? 'I vant to build a strip mall in the Sudetenlands! Maybe some mixed-use housing in Poland! What's so wrong with zat?'" — STEPHEN COLBERT

November 1, 2017

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